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I draw things related to my OC(s), Dance Central, Ninjago, Warrior Cats, and other things that I'm currently obsessed with. Enjoy your stay!

For my NSFW art, look in the links above (if you dare).

Here’s part 4 and 5 for the never-to-be-finished MAP. I thought I might as well put it here just in case anyone cares to see it.


Hi everyone, Yami here. I know you all don’t care about that MAP anymore, so I’ll just go ahead and say it: I’m dropping it for good. End of story.

I understand that you all are super busy with school, work and life in general, so I won’t bring it up anymore. I probably shouldn’t have issued it in the first place knowing that no one would work on it or try and get it done.

I’m not mad. I’m just sad because I was looking forward to seeing the first MAP of the fandom on tumblr. But I guess that was just wishful thinking. I don’t think I’ll ever be hosting another MAP again in the future. It seemed more stressful than fun for everyone and I feel bad about that. Sorry everyone.

TL;DR: No more MAP-related things anymore since it was a bomb and everyone was more stressed than excited about the Black Cat project.

i was rewatching ninjago and remembered this screenshot


and realized that it’s been 37928477382 years since i’ve contributed any fanart to the fandom and have not drawn my favorite character in an inappropriate situation in a long time ever since this so naturally

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Assassin’s Creed…. I need more posts of Assassin’s Creed,

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I’ll look at your blogs and may follow you.

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do you have any tumblr friends? if so, who are they?

wow, A LOT to be honest, but I’ll just list down some: ookayami, zatsmoopy, rain-flower, foxyelie, stupid93, and the list goes on…

Ninjago/Steven Universe Crossover AU (The Crystal Gems)

Kai as Amber






(IMPORTANT) Ninjago MAP: List of People Who Are Finished/Unfinished

Finished Parts:

  • ookayami (moi): 4 & 5
  • ladymarissagarmadon: 1, 2, 12
  • stah-l: 11 & 14

Unfinished Parts:

  • depressedchibi: 3 & 9
  • tigrisuncia: 6 & 7
  • snowibunni: 10
  • woodswolf: 13
  • witchygirl009: 15 & 16

This is just a helpful, organized list to help me and everyone else participating know who has and hasn’t turned in their parts. I promise it’s not to rush you or scare you! I’m really proud of all of you and I’m so happy to have this many people participating. I didn’t think that anyone would really want to do it. Thanks again guys!

The deadline has been extended to January 29th, the date Ninjago comes out in the U.S.  This should be enough time (I would hope so). Good luck!


Warning: Long Cole X Nya Rant

I sincerely hope that everyone including the Colya shippers realize that if Cole and Nya do become a canon pairing that it’s not going to end well for anyone. At all.

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Plz don't post things in the ninjago tag if they aren't related

I have friends in the tag and I specially said in the tags alone ‘I know this isn’t ninjago but I just wanted to share with you.’

Also, the second one I posted had Ninjago characters in it. So you can’t tell me that’s not related to Ninjago. It was a crossover.